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Mike Ploog on “The Thing” 

"More human than human" is our motto.


Portraits of Moroccans by Spanish artist José Tapiro y Baro (1830-1913) 


Orcas in Alaska



Swamp Thing by Charles Vess


HAPPENING NOW (10.9.14): Another young black man, 18-year old Vonderrick Myers, has been killed by a police officer, miles away from Ferguson. St Louis (STL) is turnt the fuck up right now. They literally ran the police out of the neighborhood, and are currently marching around the city. Details are still emerging, but from eye witness accounts, the young man was shot 16 times after the cop mistook a sandwich for a gun. My heart and soul are with the people of STL tonight. See you on Friday for #FergusonOctober. #staywoke #blacklivesmatter (PT 1)

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Check out Bella Eiko’s UStream.

RIP Vonderrick Myer, the victim of tonight’s police shooting. We fighting for you now too.

True Foresight.